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NEW - Pull-out cabinets


New possibilities for designing spaces

There are good reasons for choosing pull-out cabinets for planning of offices. They do not only provide storage space and additional working surfaces in immediate reach, but they create more private zones as well: They demarcate the individual workplaces and serve as sight protection which is particularly advantageous for open-plan and group offices.

New possibilities for designing spaces

A characteristic feature of our pull-out cabinets is the sophisticated design of their inner and outer carcass: Inner and outer carcasses are independent units which are interconnected by a simple furniture fitting. The inner carcass can be opened on either the left or on the right. With pull-out cabinets manufactured by gumpo, the typical problem of a left or right version therefore does no longer exist. Additionally it is possible to arrange two inside carcasses opposite to each other, which means that the pull-out cabinet is accessible both from the left and from the right side. Existing configurations may thus be modified at a later stage without having to replace also the outer carcass.

The individual components are available in different surfaces and thus offer completely new design options.

The inner carcasses are available in various models and versions. They can be easily set up and equipped with different elements.

For further informations please ask for brochures.

gumpo GmbH, Gobener Weg 27, 84130 Dingolfing
Tel.: +49 (0) 8731-706-000


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